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Connecting your brand with your target audience through engaging aesthetics

KMacK Media provides contract product photography, videography, and video editing services to businesses looking to enhance their brand awareness, connect with their target audiences, and generate more leads through engaging media. Owned and operated by Kelli MacKenzie, KMacK Media specializes in creating corporate media, branding and product-focused media, corporate media, training or educational media, and website promotions.

Since March 2016, KMacK Media utilizes stylistic techniques that bridge the gap between brand and audience. Through smooth camera movements, a vibrant image & a clean editing style, each video connects with and generates leads for my client's target audience. Video is the most effective way to reach a potential customer & KMacK Media is proud to provide contract videography and photography services as a means to help my clients exceed their actionable goals for their brand awareness campaigns. ​


Meet Kelli MacKenzie

Videographer | Editor | Product Photographer
Hey there, I'm Kelli MacKenzie, owner of KMacK Media! I'm a Colorado based contract videographer, video editor, and photographer specializing in corporate branding videos, website promotions, product-focused media, and training / educational videos. With 5 years of corporate videography* and 3 years of social media coordinating, I have creatively captured and edited over 100 videos for B2B and B2C focused clients in a variety of industries.  
Creating videos is like playing a game of Tetris. From brand voice to pre-production to filming to editing, each piece of the video process is important and it is equally important to make sure that each piece fits into a seamlessly engaging video for your target audience. I thrive in a collaborative environment and enjoy putting together the pieces for you! 
As the videographer and editor, I act as a collaborative bridge to connecting your company's media visions with your audience. Whether you're looking to connect with your audience through engaging media on your website, at a trade show, or on social media, let's connect and collaborate! I look forward to collaborating with you! 
• Master of Arts, Cinema Studies. University of Toronto (2015).
• Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Film Studies. University of Colorado at Boulder (2013). 
    Undergraduate thesis, "The Anthropomorphization of Houses in Film" was published by the CU Honors journal in 2014.
*I am actively working on securing my  FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilot license and aim to obtain that in early 2021.*

KMacK Media

Connect With Your Audience Through Vibrant Visual Storytelling

KMacK Media is available throughout 

the various stages of the pre-production and production process. From filmic conception to script consults to studio set-up, blocking and filming with a GH5 and Mavic Pro 2 drone, I enjoy getting involved from the ground up.


If you have the video & the vision, but don't want to spend the time editing, KMacK Media will take care of the editing while you focus on growing your business. Through Premiere Pro and After Effects, I'll edit your RAW content into the video(s) you have envisioned.

Through product photography and lifestyle branding photography, KMacK Media prioritizes creatively capturing content that embodies a company's brand and image. I am also available for hire for portrait headshots and the occasional family photoshoot.



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